Saturday, January 07, 2006

A few of my favorite things...part I

Let's start at the very beginning, a very good place to start. This is part one of what will hopefully be a multi-part posting. Let me share with you things that I like and like to do.

Tada! I'm a Magic dork! An not any type of magic, but magic the gathering. Yes it's a game of strategy, finesse, know-how, poopoo, thing-a-majig. A little while ago I told fivetwenty that I wanted to start playing. they all frowned down apon the idea, saying it is a dorky waste of money and they will not buy cards if i start playing. Being very well comfortable with my state of nerdiness and with a girlfriend that won't dump me because of it, I purchased my first starter pack. In a matter of days the guys of fivetwenty shelled out at least $200 for more Magic cards that you can shake a Rod of Ruin at (thats a Magic card joke). I've spent around $60, which may seem like a lot i guess for cards, but considering one xbox game costs that much, i aint concerned.

A little about the game...There are 5 colors in Magic, white, blue, green, black, and red. I play with white for its healing spells, cheap and flying creature, and instant creature killers. I also have a red deck for instant damage (shock) and land kills (burn). You start with 20 life. The point of the game is to reduce your opponents life to 0 using your creatures and spells. Lands are what you use to pay for your spells. These lands produce mana. Everything requires mana. It's actually pretty simple.

Above is Serra Angel. It's one of my favorite cards (at least art-wise). I have it in shiney foil:)

Anywho, I could talk all day about this thing i do, maybe a half-day, but I'll stop here. Stay tuned for my next blog where you will see another one of...A FEW..OF MY FAVORITE THINGS! THings! things... (that was an echo)


Blogger Aileen said...

i still don unnerstan da majic!

but look how influential you are! it's like a fortune cookie: "you have the power to influence others". unfortunately you use your powers for evil. ev-il= nerdiness = fru-its of the dev-il.

7:22 AM  

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