Monday, March 06, 2006

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An implantable, muscle powered piezoelectric system for generating electrical power

That's the title of Beth Lewandowski's PhD project that I am a part of. So far I have helped in the design of the circuit used for the system, built the preliminary force application device, and improved on the holding mechanism for the current testing device. This upcoming summer, I am plannning to stay at Case to continue research. I am applying for SOURCE funding (Support of Undergraduate Research and Creative Endeavors) of $3500, $3200 of which will go to me. Even if I don't get it, they're going to try to get some funding for me anyway. The SOURCE thing is given to 25-30 students each year.

This summer, my first goal is to determine if the piezo stack can withstand 10 million cycles of an applied force. This means from early June to mid August, I will be watching and maintaining this device that ticks every second. During and after, I will run tests on the stack and quantify any degredation in it or the testing device itself.

My other goal of the summer is to improve on the force tranducer and holding device that will be used in the animal testing. I'm going to help attach this thing to the gastocnemius of a rabbit and run some real animal tests, neato.

I am really excited about getting my own project like this, especially because it is relevant to what I study (orthopedic biomaterials), and I get over 3 grand, and it will give a huge head start on my senior project, and I will have my own poster and paper, and its kewl...

But I am sad that I can't be home all of summer because I miss sara and my sister and my mom and my pop and kane, as if I don't miss them enough as it is. I will however be home for a couple weeks in May and in August before school starts, and somehow things will work out so that I can see Sara sometimes during summer. And I will be seeing my big bro and Rachel and of course beautiful Alexis at her Christening May 27. And i do have a lot of friends staying at Case over the summer (FIVETWENTY). So I guess it'll be a pretty exciting summer to say the least.

but alas, i'm gonna miss sara.


Blogger sara said...

omgosh! you posted, you posted! i didn't understand half of it... but you still posted!

i'm gonna miss you too

12:12 AM  
Blogger Aileen said...

:( i'm bummed you won't be around much this summer. i am 95% certain i'll be back east for good after may. besides getting a real job and whatnot, i was looking forward to getting a bike and riding with you and pa. oh well, i guess it's for the best and i'll just have to practice so that i can beat your time around cedarville when you do get to come home. and it will be cool to come visit you, since i've never been to the land of the cleve.

2:26 AM  
Blogger Mark A. Cizler said...


Holla at yo Boy! Ciz fo sho!

XFG 4 Life!!!

check out my Blog...


11:17 PM  
Blogger Edward said...

piezoelectric? I like piezoe with pepperoni and extra cheese. I guess you won't be coming to Vegas for your birthday.Sad:(

5:39 AM  
Blogger Rachel said...

You are a crazy little man!!! ANIMAL TESTING!!!??! NOOOOOOOO!!!!
Poor little bunny and so close to easter time...;) Poor little Peter Cottontail :(
But that is all great news for you!! I hope all goes well!!

6:56 PM  

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